Foreigner of High skilled engineer and manager

Extend competitiveness by foreign employees

"Our company recruits experts in various fields who hold “Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services” Visa, highly skilled professional visas, etc.
By utilizing our global human resources, we support our customers in further expanding their strong points."

Extend competitiveness by foreign employees

4 effect by activating foreign employees
By hiring foreigners, Contribution to profits /organizational power will be up., and result in expanding our competitiveness.

4 effect by activating foreign employees
  • Respect current policy and way and reform inefficient points by new global insight. Then work reform realize It will also be an opportunity to significantly change the way Japanese tend to proceed to be existing concepts. And it will also lead to securing global standards in international business development.

  • Foreign employees work actively in international business development.
    The opportunity of foreign employees will be increased and they support growth of company well. For example developing of new foreign market, technical transfer to foreign countries, etc.

  • To communicate with feeling is not bad in Japanese culture, but globally to communicate by clear word and message is common, Company hiring foreign employee will improve the global communication and it lead activate the organization or improve work environment. As a result its organization can achieve better result.

  • As is well known, Japan's population acerate to aging, and there is a shortage of labor to support companies in all fields. There are limits to the maintenance organization and its development by only Japanese people, so utilizing a young workforce, mainly from Asia, and their knowledge and abilities will contribute to the sustainable development. Utilizing foreign employees is an effective way to not only secure a workforce but also transfer unseen technology and skills and improve workplaces from a global perspective.

Flow of hiring foreign hi-skilled engineer/manager

Japan Techno Trading co,.ltd
Japan Techno Trading co,.ltd

Visa applied

“Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services” Visa is a visa obtained by a foreigner in Japan for the purpose of engaging in specialized skills, knowledge in the humanities, or international business. This is one of the visas that supports foreign workers who work as professionals or specialists in Japan. This is a visa that can be obtained by indirect foreign workers who have a contract with a company and have a certain educational background, such as an office worker or an engineer.

"This system was started with the aim of activating Japanese industry by development and efficiency of the professional and technical labor market.
The foreigner who has been examined as a highly skilled professional by the Immigration Bureau and has obtained a Certificate of Eligibility.
In order to promote the acceptance of such individuals, the Special Highly Skilled Human Resources System is divided into three categories: ""Advanced Academic Research Activities,"" ""Advanced Professional/Technical Activities,"" and ""Advanced Management/Administrative Activities.""
Points are put for such as ""educational background,'' ""work history,'' ""annual income,'' and provide preferential treatment to personnel who meet or exceed a certain level.
The stay term is 5 years for Highly Skilled Professional No. 1, and no period for Highly Skilled Professional No. 2."

Other Visa

Our recruiting service are able to provide high quality and properly matched resources by our resource network of high skilled engineer/manager.

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