Foreigner of Specified skilled worker

Outline of Specified Skilled Worker System

The Foreign Specified Skilled Worker System is a system for accepting foreign workers that Japanese government started in 2019. This system aims to accept skilled foreign workers in specific industrial fields in order to solve Japan's labor shortage and promote industrial growth.
In other words, by building a framework for accepting foreign workers, it promote local industry and society, and play an important role for economic development and multicultural coexistence.

Our company provide a full range of support, including sending out stable human resources, providing support by experienced staff, and providing on-site visits and interviews even after acceptance, so we and our clients can proceed them with mutual trust..
As shown in the diagram below, we mainly accept specified skilled foreigners, who have completed technical intern training or who are newly taking the specified skills test.

Flow of Specified Skilled Worker System (i) (ii)

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Flow of recruiting Specified Skilled Worker

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Support for full activating of skilled workers

We will support our customers so that the foreign skilled workers can lunch their abilities more effectively.

  • 1
  • Instruction and Teaching

  • 2
  • Adaptation of foreign employees

  • Organized performance Up

  • 4
  • Share in organization

  • 3

We will support our customers so that the foreign skilled workers can lunch their abilities more effectively.

In particular, we can provide support as an option for registration support, such as promoting understanding of systems, work standards, and manuals, which is the first point. (Some of the content can be lectured in advance during the preparation period before joining the company.)

Correct understanding and compliance of work details through effective communication
Positive management and utilization of work manuals and work standards

Support by J.T.T.

Support for work standards, manuals, and communication

  • Making documents
    (Word, PowerPoint, Pdf)

    ・Attendance, vacation
    ・Company rules
    ・Internal procedure
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  • Preparation of work manual
    (Utilize Multi -Language tool)

    ・Work procedures/handling of equipment
    ・Business terminology (dictionary)
    ・Quality management (QMS)
    Japan Techno Trading co,.ltd
  • Support for various situation/troubles

    Emergency contact and action
    Instruction of 5S
    Japan Techno Trading co,.ltd
  • Translator, Interpreter

    ・Explanation of work step
    ・Explanation of instruction detail
    ・Promote mutual understanding among employees
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