Japanese of High skilled engineer and manager

Recruiting of Japanese high-skilled engineer or manager

We recruit high-skilled Japanese engineer/manager to clients in Japan and Asian countries.
Especially high skilled engineer of semiconductor and ,electrical devices are introduced.

Japan Techno Trading co,.ltd

Semiconductor: Device design, Process development(front-end, back-end),Process Integration, Equipment technology, Production Technology, Quality engineering, etc.

Japan Techno Trading co,.ltd

Electrical device: Circuit design, PCB design, Board design, Module design, Assembly engineering, FAE, etc.

Japan Techno Trading co,.ltd

Recruiting service to Asian and Japanese companies

To company in Japan

"We propose Japanese engineer/manage to Japanese and Foreign company in Japan related about semiconductor and electrical device manufacturing.

There are many excellent companies or development farms which lead ww market by their fine technology. Our matching of recruiting is carried out properly and we provide opportunities of stable employment."

To company in Asian countries.

We work with overseas partner agents to recruit Japanese engineers and managers for overseas companies.

  • Thailand

    Japan Techno Trading co,.ltd

    Applying the Thai government's advanced expert preferential treatment system, we introduce engineers who support advanced technical development and mass production in such as electronic equipment, semiconductor packages, optical equipment.

  • China

    Japan Techno Trading co,.ltd

    We match candidates with job offers from major Chinese companies and introduce expert engineers, including seniors. It is also possible to work at a base in Japan.

  • Singapore

    Japan Techno Trading co,.ltd

    We will introduce you to job opportunities through local specialized partner agent. in Singapore, where development of advanced technology is globally on going.

Flow of recruiting for Japanese engineer/manager

Japan Techno Trading co,.ltd

(In case of job in overseas, we will arrange through oversea partners.)

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