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Global recruiting service

by Japan Techno Trading Co., Ltd.

Authorized license of recruiting agency(No.13-ユ-315499)

Features of service

Japan Techno Trading Co., Ltd. provide technical solutions and develop Human Resources globally. We recruit excellent resource to support manufacturing in Asia including Japan.
Our company places importance on human in working based on long-term relationships of trust. To this end, our management is comprised of experts who are familiar with the manufacturing industry and manufacturing processes, and our partner agents in Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore are reliable company that has zero cases of missing persons in the past. Our staffs are over 10 years of experience and are well versed in human resource recruiting work. Even after starting the job, we provide comprehensive support through on-site visits and interviews, that you can rely on with confidence.

Support that fit in manufacturing or all work process

Since our founding, we have been supporting the manufacturing industry for many years.
The top is an expert in on-site management and quality control by experience of a manufacturing leader at a major company. Since we are familiar with the manufacturing or work process quality, we are able to provide appropriate human resources and training according to our client's needs. For example, in the case of skilled workers, it is possible to provide basic guidance such as thorough work standards.

Japan Techno Trading co,.ltd - 製造業界、製造プロセスを熟知した事業運営

Professional staffs with over 10 years of experience and are well known in human resource recruiting work

Our staff are veterans who have supported the success of global human resource overseas for over 10 years in Japan, and are well-versed in human resource recruiting services, who also provide support to authority. We have a deep understanding of the circumstances in each country, and have the know-how and knowledge to help foreigners settle into companies that accept them, as well as follow-up after employment, and promote their retention in the workplace.

Japan Techno Trading co,.ltd - 人財紹介業務に精通した人財を配置

Complete support through our visits and interviews with the employees

We provide fine support such as regular on-site visits and interviews with recruits, and work with accepting organizations to ensure smooth operations.
Our support will accelerate adaptation to the work environment through close communication, and help you step up to contribute to advanced manufacturing. In addition, we check not only work-related issues, but also eating and daily life issues, as well as mental and physical health, to prevent problems.

Japan Techno Trading co,.ltd - 現地訪問、採用者へのヒアリングによる充実のサポート

Reliable partner agencies with a result of over 1,000 human resources and zero missing persons

The partner agency is a reliable company in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Myanmar. Many companies and over 1,000 employees are sent in the past from them. In addition, due to fine follow-up, no one has gone missing during technical intern training in the past,

Japan Techno Trading co,.ltd -信頼できる送り出し機関

High-skilled engineer and manager

We could recruit foreign and Japanese high skilled engineers and managers according to our customers' needs. We will introduce experts in various fields with VISA of “Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services” or else.. We can also introduce company to Japanese high skilled engineers and managers, with wealth of experience and they have not only "skills" and "knowledge" but also "reliability."

Japan Techno Trading co,.ltd - 高度技術者・管理者のご紹介

Our human resources business has been selected as a management innovation project in 2023, business succession category by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. And in collaboration with the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we have received approval for our business plan.

Our service area

We provide various area of Specified skilled person.
And high-skilled engineer and managers for the following specific area.

  • Electrical Device

    Japan Techno Trading co,.ltd - 電子機器

  • Semiconductor

    Japan Techno Trading co,.ltd - 半導体

  • Metal manufacturing

    Japan Techno Trading co,.ltd - 金属加工

  • Food manufacturing

    Japan Techno Trading co,.ltd - 食品製造

Target Persons

  • Foreigner of Specified skilled worker

    Japan Techno Trading co,.ltd

    Specified skilled worker system is built in 2019 in order to solve the shortage of human resource in Japan.
    【Service for domestic company】
    【Nationality: Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar】


  • Foreigner of High skilled engineer and manager

    Japan Techno Trading co,.ltd

    Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services VISA and so on
    【Service for domestic company】
    【Nationality: Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar】


  • Japanese of High skilled engineer and manager

    Japan Techno Trading co,.ltd

    In semiconductor and electrical device business we recruit Japanese high skilled engineers and managers with mature experience. They have not only "skills" and "knowledge" but also "reliability as human."
    【Service for company in both of Japan and Asian countries】

Our business

J.T.T develop the following businesses.

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